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Draco has released version 2.05 of his OS for XL/XE with 65c816 CPU, dated on 2005.01.20. The changelog is quite long:
- the bug causing boot menu to report "DRIVE DOES NOT RESPOND" for all drives has been fixed;
- the new channel lookup feature of the CIO was impossible to use, fixed as well;
- OSS MAC/65 4.20 compatibility issue regarding FP routines has been detected and fixed;
- a new bug made while optimizing E: routines, which resulted in logical lines being calculated wrongly, has been fixed;
- US SIO activated for drives 5-8 too, apart of the 1-4;
- an attempt to fix an old Atari bug: although the device handler reports an error while opening a file, and the operating system returns the error code to the calling program, nevertheless the IOCB remains open then. The fix is to close the channel directly after the device handler returns an error (even if programs contain workaround against this and close such a channel, closing a closed channel doesn't hurt, so this is not a problem).
- cleanup in "K:" XIO and the "@:" handler;
- boot menu opens now before cartridge initialization.

For more details and download see Draco's official page. There are also two bonus programs for download: Grep Clone and D2D ver. 0.4. For complete happyness we've got also new 1.6 version of BIOS for JZ/KMK interface.

Added by: Jurgi/Tristesse

No tak - to teraz pozostaje jeszcze namierzyć PLCC 65c816 p-14; no i czekamy na finalizacje dopału z Pasiej Stołówki :D
Pin, 2005-01-22 01:34:46,

co to za bonusowe programy ? do czego ? bo nie kumam :/
grzeniu, 2005-01-25 00:41:30,

Dokumentacja do D2D i GrepClone jest opisana w archiwach (w atarowskim formacie).
Documetation for D2D and GrepClone in inside the archiwes (in atari fileformat).
Jurgi, 2005-01-25 01:02:57,

Za Draco: "grep" to jest bardzo popularny i często używany na unixach utils, który służy do przeszukiwania plików tekstowych na okoliczność występowania w nich pewnej sekwencji znaków. Linie, w których ta sekwencja występuje, wypisuje na ekran
Jurgi, 2005-01-25 01:05:23,

Jurgi: Nawet mi nie przeszlo bez łep ze ten grep to ten z Unixów. Karamba ! No nie gadaj, że jeszcze potoki i strumienie działają ;) LOL
grzeniu, 2005-01-26 20:23:20,

No nie wiem, Draco mówi, że oczywiście jest okrojony, ale z czego, to nie wiem... :D
Jurgi, 2005-01-27 00:22:03,



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