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Forever 10 - 13-15 III 2009, Trencin< ? echo $txt_zlot_slowacja;? >
Grzybsoniada - 29-31 V 2009, Częstochowa< ? echo $txt_zlot_polska;? >



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Xebec's Demise has announced an interesting competition for the the players and Alternate Reality: The City game fans. You just have to gain the highest level with no cheating... You need to be registered on the Atari Age forum to participate. So, if You want to pick up chellenge please loook at the competition topic with rules, tips and current players ranking; and the general game topic. The documentation will make playing easier for the beginners.

Added by: Jurgi/Tristesse

Eh, it would be nice to participate in the compo, but... lack of time! I loved the game ones days...
Krasnov, 2005-08-02 09:22:15,

Ja za to proponuję zrobić w tym compo jak największą trzodę. Takie typowe POLAND.
dely, 2005-08-02 11:06:44,

Primary weapon: Byx
Secondary weapon: no needed... ;)
Vasco/Tristesse, 2005-08-02 12:37:22, have been telefragged by Azarro's Arizona. };.
Jurgi, 2005-08-02 13:31:06,



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