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Not only Emkay experiments with new POKEY tones, Analmux does it too. Here we have the show of triangle waveform generated by POKEY: triangles.mp3. It's really triangles! The sound has been generated by Basic pokes. And here's this effect in the earlier Emkay's tune: violin triangles.mp3. The discussion on this topis takes mainly takes place on the AtariAge forum.

Update: Emkay asked for the notice, that because this tone genoration method (so called 'Hardsynth') does not use samples, the CPU usage is only about 5-7%, so it can be usen in games or demos. The replaing frequency is 50 Hz. There is also archive with tunes to be executed on the real Atari. Please notice: the sound may be not accurate on the emulators. Also POKEY emulation in RMT - according to Emkay's words - is not perfect, what makes impossible to use all it's features.

Added by: Jurgi/Tristesse

wiem, lamer ze mnie, ale jak zrobic fale trojkatna czytalem w dereatari zdaje sie. 10 lat temu. a moze to byla instrukcja do soft synth? juz niepamietam
xxl, 2005-07-13 07:56:41,

Sorry, I don't understand the polish language, but I have to bring in, what the benefit of the "hardsynth" is: It simply can be used in any game or demo, because it uses simple vbi programming. Softsynth is a "digitizing" tool with (too) high restrictions than to use it for games or demos.
emkay, 2005-07-13 21:26:07,

Xxl said, that he had heard something like 'how to make trangle waveform' somewhere, somewhen... :)
Jurgi, 2005-07-13 22:33:51,

Cos mi tu ay'grekiem zajezdza i to nawet bardziej niz troche.

It smells like a zx spectrum with AY-3-8912-3
mazi, 2005-07-14 12:19:53,

Emkay, Analmux: have you ever tried to use Theta Music Composer instead of RMT? Such experiments should be done on the real machine...
Jurgi, 2005-07-14 16:11:35,

emkay: so learn languages, too :]
miker, 2005-07-14 23:08:44,

Ech, Miker, learn coding and make a demo };p
Jurgi, 2005-07-14 23:16:18,



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