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Draco started new project: Multi BASIC. It's the new Basic interpreter (compiler is also planned), with features of Turbo Basic XL and Basic XE. But it's main feature (and requirement) is the 65c816 processor support. The 6502 version is not planned. There is 0.1 preview version to download (ATR file or ARC archive).
Multi BASIC features:
- compatible with Turbo Basic XL - it's programs may be loaded with load command,
- compatible with Basic XE - it's programs may be loaded with enter command,
- MB works with Sparta DOS X and DOS II+/D command line,
- many commands functionality extensions (eg sound supports stereo),
- MB uses 65c816 abilities (24-bit addresses and so on) and linear memory,
- new, proprietary commands.

Added by: Jurgi/Tristesse

.. szkoda jednak, ze bez wsparcia dla extram XE,... trzeba bedzie liniowy '816 jednak zakładac. :):)
Pin, 2005-07-08 08:09:44,

Definitely it would be nice to have 6502 support for this. I plan to use Turbo Basic XL in my future projects. If there will be new BASIC many Atarians will be pleased I suppose.
Gury, 2005-07-08 08:19:01,

Draco said, that for the 6502 there is great Basic (TBXL) already and there is no need to write a new one...
Jurgi, 2005-07-08 10:06:47,

Fajny mix. Zielony jest metaforą (trudne słowo) TBXL a pomarańczowy alegorią (jeszcze trudniejsze słowo) Basica XE. :)
- co mi pan tu napisał?
Krasnov, 2005-07-08 10:12:34,

dely, 2005-07-08 12:19:32,



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