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Forever 10 - 13-15 III 2009, Trencin< ? echo $txt_zlot_slowacja;? >
Grzybsoniada - 29-31 V 2009, Częstochowa< ? echo $txt_zlot_polska;? >



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Still active Draco (KMK) has just released new version of his XL OS for Atari with 65c816 CPU. Current built is dated on 8.IV.2005, what's new:
- corrections in the screen editor code: an error occurring while opening the editor now causes margins to be reset to default positions,
- an attempt to enable pixel mode in 32- or 48-column mode causes the screen to switch automatically to 40 columns (an error occurred previously),
- the "disk interface" routine now recognizes additional commands: read/write PERCOM and IDENTIFY DRIVE,
- the loop that reads the keyboard data, instead of looping infinitely and busy-waiting for keyboard input, stops the CPU for that time; this modification has been made as an effect of a discuss done on #atari8 about Atari 8-bit power consumption and possibilities of supplying the power from batteries,
- the same thing is now done inside the loop that waits for Ctrl/1 (start/stop display),
- the bootmenu now allows to manually switch off the fast serial I/O that was enabled automatically.
Please see also Draco's page.

Added by: Jurgi/Tristesse



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