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Forever 10 - 13-15 III 2009, Trencin< ? echo $txt_zlot_slowacja;? >
Grzybsoniada - 29-31 V 2009, Częstochowa< ? echo $txt_zlot_polska;? >



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New version of Mads Assembler - v 1.6.0 has shown. The changelog:
- fixed: recognition of '=' sign, which reads the number of bank related to the labels ('\examples\macro.asm');
- added: possibility of skipping CPU opcodes' agument, examples:

asl -> asl @
lda -> lda *
lda # -> lda #0
lda #{ lda } -> lda #$ad
lda #{ lda # } -> lda #$a9
bcc -> bcc *

- new logical directive .NOT - equal to the '!' sign;
- new directive .DEF (.DEF label), which tells, if the given label has been already declared, example:

.if .not .def label_name
.error 'LABEL_NAME undeclared'

P. S.
- the EXE file has been packed with UPX, the non-packed version may be found in the file with source code, if needed,
- I've added a new example file FAST_DRAW.ASM, it's the fastest line drawing routine for Atari on the whole planet Earth :) - writen by Konop.

Added by: TeBe/MadTeam

No to już wiemy, dlaczego TeBe nie pojechał na zlot... Opalał się przed monitorem ;).
Jurgi, 2005-03-20 21:02:26,

...znaczy się sorki :)
miker, 2005-03-21 01:13:28,



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