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Forever 10 - 13-15 III 2009, Trencin< ? echo $txt_zlot_slowacja;? >
Grzybsoniada - 29-31 V 2009, Częstochowa< ? echo $txt_zlot_polska;? >



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Konrad Kokoszkiewicz, widely known as Draco, has just released new, almost-final version 2.08 of his XL OS for Atari XL/XE with 65c816 cpu. The changelog is impressive:
- SIO extension which allows to read/write data directly to and from the high-memory (past the first 64k),
- keyboard "scanning" mode implemented experimentally,
- the definition of the XIO functions for keyboard changed in incompatible way; the way it works now will most probably go to final version,
- fixes in kmemory routines,
- slight modifications in the screen editor,
- support for externally loaded cassette handler: jump table functions JCASOPIN and JCASRDBL get converted into "C:" XIO 16 and XIO 17, respectively,
- added wrappers around most jumptable entries, which (the wrappers) save the B and D registers on the stack, reset them before the actual call, and restore upon exit,
- SIO i CIO saves the D register on the stack and zeroes it for internal use,
- at the occasion, an old Atari bug has been fixed: the PRPLNK routine was called with JSR from within CIO, and it returned with direct JMP - this in turn caused the CIORET routine to be called twice at the return from CIO,
- calling RESET via the jump table causes the CPU to be explicitly switched to the emulation mode,
- preliminary implementation of the fast SIO protocol used in XF-551/CA-2001 and LDW 2000 Super/Indus GT disk drives,
- BOOT routine extension: if the drive's sector size is greater than 256 bytes, the bootsector size is assumed to be the same as in each other sector of this drive; and traditionally 128 bytes otherwise,
- the serial routines set and reset registers AUDF3/4 and AUDC3/4 only (the coupled register 3/4 is a frequency generator for serial I/O), and the registers AUDF1/2 and AUDC1/2 are left unmodified,

Furthermore, there are some more new and old utilities to download from his page.

Added by: Jurgi/Tristesse



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