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>Forever 14
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Nearest parties

Forever 10 - 13-15 III 2009, Trencin< ? echo $txt_zlot_slowacja;? >
Grzybsoniada - 29-31 V 2009, Częstochowa< ? echo $txt_zlot_polska;? >



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New Graph2Font Changes:
- added possibility to declare maximal number of chars in charset (default is 128),
- possibility to use long filenames for FNT, SCR, ALL, RAW, ASM, ASQ files - thanks to new XASM 2.6.0,
- "Chars fill" now displays information about 30 charsets, previously only 15,
- in *.ASM, *.ASQ files added a label-write before opcodes that modify color register,
- added *.FAD file, where the tables and procedures for soft "lighting" the colors are placed (examples in ..\examples\ directory).

Added by: TeBe/MadTeam

... and last, but not least there is full English manual available now! :)
Dracon, 2005-03-02 15:51:30,

That great! Thanks to the translators! I feel happy, I do not need to cope with that :D.
Jurgi, 2005-03-02 16:21:19,

Hey, you are welcome to translate MADS' manual instead!! ;D
Dracon, 2005-03-03 00:16:45,

GOSH! I'm afraid, this job needs a coder as a translator. A have problems with changelogs translations... ;)
Jurgi, 2005-03-03 01:52:41,



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